Sometimes I feel so blessed for the internet with the kind supporting people, but then you run across liars and haters and regret the internet.


Like 50% of girls are hot and like 4% of boys are hot

mood: kinda wanna sit on a boys lap rn

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So we all know Hobby Lobby right? If you don’t it’s a rather popular craft supply store. Very recently Hobby Lobby announced that they will not provide any form birth control to any of their female employees. However, they DO provide Viagra for their male employees. If that isn’t fucked up I’m not sure what is. So as a protest against this bull shit, boycott Hobby Lobby until they provide practical medical care for their female employees.

Why the fuck do males NEED Viagra?
I think women NEED birth control to prevent any unwanted thing if their life is unstable. How about they flip it? I’m still waiting for the day that tampon and pads are free, since it’s a NEED. Unless the world would like to see us bleeding everywhere if some people cannot afford it.